A selection of sandwiches served on white, wholemeal & granary thick-sliced bread. 6 quarters, or 1.5 sandwiches per person.

Sandwich fillings from the following list:
Fresh Prawn
Smoked Salmon
Tuna Savoury
Honey Roast Ham
Roast Chicken Salad
In addition, 2 savoury snacks are included per person from the following list:
Cheese and Grape
Cheese and Sausage Cocktail
Breaded Mushrooms
Breaded Sweetcorn
Tikka Kebab
Ham and Cream Cheese Spiral
Vegetable or Lamb Samosa
Onion Bhaji with Yoghurt Dip
Vegetarian Spring Roll

Cakes and fresh fruit can also be supplied for an additional £1.15 per person.

Price based on a minimum order of 10 people.

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