This menu includes delicious & luxurious canapés and delicate bite-sized foods that are designed to be savoured and relished.

10 choice selections per person:

Toast Triangles topped with Fresh Salmon
Smoked Salmon
Fresh Prawns, Tuna Special
Lemon Sole Goujons, Parma Ham
Coronation Chicken
Brussels Paté Party Crackers
Egg & Chive Pinwheels
Tiny Croissants filled with Cream Cheese
Steak & Mushroom Kebab
King Prawn wrapped in Filo Pastry
Bite-size Cheese Cocktails
Baby Spinach Pakora
Garden Crudités with Spicy Homemade Dips
Skewered Chicken & Quorn Chicken Kebabs
Mini Pizzas, Lamb Samosas
Chocolate Profiteroles, Chocolate & Rum Éclairs
Chocolate-dipped Fresh Fruit

Price based on a minimum order of 30 people.

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